Home Maintenance

Maintaining your Home

The goal of all chimney sweeps is to prevent carbon monoxide entering your home, to help improve home heating and its efficiency, and the elimination of chimney fires in homes. This is why regular chimney cleaning should be part of the vital and regular maintenance in your home.

Another reason that regular chimney cleaning is vital, is that wild animals such as birds may build their nests in your chimneys and block the flue, and also nesting materials can easily catch on fire. Bricks or other materials used in chimney construction can become aged and weather damaged so it’s a good idea to make the annual inspection of your chimneys part of regular home maintenance.

I use and recommend chimney liners, caps and other products on this page. Below are resources I may not have presonally used, but represent other vital home maintenance services that every homeowner should be aware of.

Helpful Links

The links below are to other websites and businesses that offer information on home maintenance.

Wood burning stoves and fireplaces are excellent heat sources when used and maintained properly. The Wood Heat Organization is a good site for any and all info about burning wood.

Home improvement can be a daunting process especially without professional help. Let New England Kitchen Design Center be your partner in creating a kitchen that is about you - integrating both function and convenience with comfort and style.

EcoLogic Energy Solutions provides professionally installed insulation solutions in CT for new and existing homes and businesses.

Since 1919, the craftsmanship of Eagle Rivet Roof Service Corporation has withstood the scrutiny of thousands of satisfied customers. Our experience choosing, installing and maintaining state-of-the-art roofing materials is second to none. For residential and commercial roofing, contact Eagle Rivet.

Save hundreds in energy costs with a professional home energy audit and services provided by CRI Programs and Competitive Resources Inc.

Beacon Spray Foam provides highly efficient home energy savings by installing spray foam insulation in roofs, crawlspaces, basements and walls.

Some things are better used, and for the best deals on furniture in CT, checkout Universal Hotel Liquidators of New Haven. We liquidate furniture from the finest hotels in the country and offer it a cut-rate pricing from our warehouse. Furnish your whole apartment with durable, beautiful furniture and find bargains and pieces with character that you won't find anywhere else.