Chimney Cleaner in Stratford, CT

Chimney Cleaning in Stratford

Rick's Chimney Service provides complete chimney services to homeowners throughout Stratford. With over 20 years experience, you won't find a better service to trust with your fireplace and chimney.

Benefits of Keeping Your Fireplace Clean

Regular chimney cleanings from a chimney cleaner in Stratford CT will keep the air quality in your home clean, and safe for your family. Our professional staff will help your fireplace look presentable once again, as we make sure your fireplace is up to our standards. Keep in mind that a clean fireplace will not only make the room look better, but will also add value to your home.

As residential fireplaces today are more common today than ever before, it is important to be responsible for the upkeep to guarantee it stays in good condition. Wood-burning fireplaces are perfect as they do not require electricity to function. But this does not mean there is less maintenance, it is always a good idea to clean your fireplace. It is important to have regular once a year to maintain its good shape.

Famous Chimney in Stratford CT

Some of the famous fireplaces in CT include the fireplace of The Captain David Judson House. This is historic house built by Captain David in 1723 in Stratford, CT. The chimney is a historical artifact, as it was brought from the original house built in 1639 by his great Grandfather William. The new house stands on a stone foundation, and has a Georgian Architecture style. It incorporate the large stone chimney that was made from lug poles. So, Whether your chimney is famed or functional, Rick's Chimney Service is here to keep it clean and effective!